Located in the sacred Black Hills of South Dakota, Twistedsage Studios is a manufacturing facility for leading-edge consciousness tools.

We are a family run business, over half of the employees being immediate family. Please pardon the old photos! This is us in the original Studio!! We have grown lots since then! 
Twistedsage Studios became incorporated in February of 2017, but has humble beginnings going back to 2010.

Staff Photo
Mom and Dad Besco Packaging Orders

Mom and Dad Besco,
(Shirley and Daryl and doggie “Maybe”)
packaging orders and keeping us in line.

Billie Besco.
Business Manager.

She keeps it all running.
Daily operations, books,
payroll, website building,
and everything else it
takes to keep us going.

Without her, we’d still be
sitting in the copper age 😛

Billie Besco | Business Manager | Sister
Lucas Matsamas - Shop Foreman

Lucas Matsamas.
Shop Foreman.
He’s the production master builder,
and has been here since the beginning.
100’s of Rings come through here daily.

Mary Molloy.
Friend for over a decade.
Reiki Master, Shaman, Sage, Pipe Carrier, Portal Keeper.
Creator of the Heddeka Rings.
Master Craftsperson, here since the beginning as well.
Seen here at one of the polishing stations while its -15 degrees outside.

Mary Molloy - Master Craftsperson

We also have Mary’s son, William, who comes in for the evening/night shift to clean and polish tools.

And of course there is me, Brian Besco, and my other sister Brenda Schnose.
Brenda makes the Torus’ for the Studio, as well as being a co-creator of the energetic tools, including readings on the tools.