Guided Journey Work

Distance or In-person sessions with Brian. Step into a sacred space and bring all that you are as a soul into center, into your heart, in the here and now. Within the Sacred Space of the Heart, lifetimes of experience are turned to wisdom. Including lifetimes of trauma, programs, belief structures, and other non-serving creations that are ready to release. We go even deeper, talking all aspects of the human into surrender and alignment with the Soul.

Distance Sessions by phone (Skype for international calling)

In-Person Sessions with Brian take place at the Studio, within the Pyramids.
Twistedsage Studios, Buffalo Gap, South Dakota

Book your personal or distance session with Brian here!

If you are looking for a session with more grace and ease,
or if you need someone who can speak with the physical body,
as well as the soul, you may wish to consider a session with Brenda 🙂

Brian has availability for workshops or in-person sessions at your location!

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