Tales from the old paradigm- releasing systems of control

From deep within the old paradigm, comes a tale of freeing Dragons and clearing energetic grid systems. It is a tale of freeing humanity from their own social systems.  It is a tale of the old paradigm of control.  As individuals, and as a part of mass consciousness, this was the sandbox we created our experiences in. I was a master angelic warrior, and for aeons this was my identity.  But that world no longer exists here.  We just passed the cusp, into new energy.  So in honor of the journey it has been, I wish to tell one more personal story before closing this chapter of light vs dark  – Brian B.

Tales from the old paradigm- clearing earth grids

Or, pdf download here: https://twistedsagestudios.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/Tales-from-the-old-paradigm-clearing-earth-grids.pdf