National Love Your Pet Day

The 20th of February is a day to celebrate your pets!!

National Love Your Pet Day Sale

Pets are known to care for their owners just as much as people care for them.  Pets that have a close bond to their person, can actually take on their person’s stuff if they choose.  Holding onto stuff that we shouldn’t be holding onto, as we know, not only creates discomfort but can also lead to physical and/or emotional imbalances and ailments.

To help clear this energy from your companion’s field, and help them stay clear and balanced and grounded, we have a variety of tools available!

For simple EMF and emotional support, the Infinite Heart added to a pet’s collar will expand and ground their Heart to the heart of the Earth.
We have seen this helping both highly energetic dogs to relax, as well as to help liven up older four-legged friends.



The Horse Harmonizer Ring is not just for Horses!  

This light-weight 26″ in diameter Ring, has been seen to shift the spiky energy signature of abused and neglected animals, to a more gentle and flowing energy signature.
It basically removes the emotional charge from memories!
Hang around your Horse’s neck for a few minutes, or leave it lay out for your indoor pet to settle into.  And they will!




For those critters whom just seem more conscious and aware, the Quantum Heart Coil in copper is the perfect petite and light-weight addition to their collar (or mane).  It does all that the Infinity does, but creates a larger, and more grounding field.
This is our premier energetic to help people clear and release energy from their field, as well as keeping the field clear.



And lastly, we have the Wisdom Wand.
This is one of our most powerful energy healing tools.
Use the wand to simply send energy to specific locations or issues.
It can also be placed in the bed or near the recipient to passively work with their field.
Its just like having an Infinity or Coil on the collar.


And of course, these energies can also be shared with your reptiles, birds, fish, rocks, and houseplants!

*To add an Infinity or Coil to your pet’s collar, obtain a split ring or jump ring from your local veterinarian or hardware store to attach the pendant to the collar.

February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day

This special collection of tools is now on sale until 2/22/23 midnight! !

Infinite Hearts (for pet collars)

Horse Harmonizer Ring (for all critters, not just horses)

Quantum Heart Coil (copper coil only, for pet collars)

Wisdom Wand (for you to work on them)

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