Energy Work

Meditative Journey Work
aka Consciousness Work

Journey work, as we describe it, is different than Shamanic Journeying.  Shamans work in an altered state of consciousness.  While Meditation is the starting place to access these higher spaces, Consciousness Work, or Energy Work, is a better suited term for what we do.

Traditionally we have created through fear and survival.  An egoic form of creation.  Being in the Heart Space, you are more connected and aligned with the higher self. Beyond the limitations of being simply human, is where we find higher fields of creation. In this higher perception, creation transcends fear and necessity.  You become a creator simply for creation’s sake. It starts with being in the Sacred Space of the Heart, and is a journey to release the addiction to these old ways of creation.

Lets make this more tangible.  Most healers and energy workers will agree that cancer begins in the emotional field.  If someone stuffs away emotions, and dense pockets of emotions are carried in the emotional field, they begin to manifest into the physical as dis-ease.  Again, most see cancer as beginning in the emotional field.

Doing Energy Work, such as releasing stuck emotions, has positive connotations on the physical being.  My sister, Brenda, does this type of work.  I have felt my ribs move back into place with distance energy work.  We have seen a fist-sized tumor in the lung disappear within two weeks after doing emotional clearing work, and the person wrapping up the tumor with their own Light.  A friend with pancreatic cancer, sent home to die, became cancer free without any changes besides doing the Energy Work of connecting to their own Light more, and clearing emotional debris.  Tangible things happen when working with energy, from the heart, and with the Soul’s Light.  Our own innate Light of Creation.

Then we move onto other tangible shifts in physical reality. 

  • One of which is moving geomagnetic fields. These are simply Earth’s naturally occuring electromagnetic fields, which can be moved with conscious intent.
  • One can shift the piezoelectric flow within a physical object through simple intent. 
  • Emotions can affect the physical structure of water, as Dr Emoto has shown in his research.

We are talking about more than intent and emotions here, though.

The Tensor Tools we create also come from beyond simply fields of intentions.  And the tools have certainly been known to create shifts in the energy field which then create shifts in the physical.  Of course, we cannot say that the tools shift anything physical, rather we can share peoples experiences and testimonials with what they attribute the tools doing for them.  For myself, I have used one of our Dragon’s wands recently to loosen up my plantar fasciitis, and a Shaman’s Wand to move a herniated stomach out of creation.  And these are just a couple of recent obversations, amongst all the miracles and magic we witness on a daily basis, with both the tools and the Consciousness Work.

There are endless depths of how much energy affects our physical creation.  There are energies that affect each and every one of us.  From hereditary DNA issues, past life traumas, this life traumas (all emotions), programs, beliefs, energetic attachments, soul contracts, EMF’s, and the list goes on, that are widely unknown sources of great influence on the human.

Here is an example of the Consciousness work that we do, from the April 4th Global Meditation Webinar

Most of our video tutorials are basically this style of Consciousness Work.

Light Anchoring is one of the modalities we teach, which is Consciousness Work.  Please do check out our Light Anchoring page for some great tutorials!

Our sister, Brenda, is one of the most phenomenal energy workers I have ever known.  Her forte is being able to talk to the body consciousness, as well as working directly with the person’s soul, to help bring about shifts in all aspects and areas of the human being including their physical.  Brenda can be found at

The MerKaBa Activation page is also all about doing Energy Work, to bring about the Activation of the MerKaBa Field.