The New Light – Light Anchors
Friday November 10th
Luxor Casino and HotelLas Vegas, Nevada

Brian will be at the Stairway to the Stars event presenting a new understanding of Light and Light Anchors. 
This will be a hands-on workshop and presentation. Twistesdsage Studios will have a booth with tools and the Highest Potentials Chamber freely available.
Stairway to the Stars Event

We are in the process of creating four new Ascension Pyramids for the event, which will be utilized throughout the Hotel/Casino Event Halls.
More on how you can participate from home, coming soon!
Tickets and Information:


The 2023 Radionics Symposium 
will take place in Rapid City, South Dakota on November 2nd – 4th

The 2023 Radionics Symposium
Registration ends October 31st

Brian is going back out on the road this year to offer the Ascension Pyramid experience at regional expos and events.

Expos and Fairs for 2023-
Cincinnati, Ohio
Brighton, Colorado
Aztec, New Mexico
New York, SUNY College
Las Vegas, Nevada


Brighton, Colorado

April 29th – 30th

7th Annual Colorado Holistic Fair


Sunfire Festival


A beautiful magical outdoor event near Aztec, New Mexico at the end of August! Twistedsage Studios is bringing several Ascension Pyramids plus vending, and Brian will be presenting a workshop over the weekend! Family friendly! Grab your early-bird tickets now!
SunFire Festival is a galactic inspired event brought to us through Jennifer Crystal Eve – the former event producer of the Star Knowledge Conferences in tandem with Chief Golden Light Eagle for the epic years of 2014 – 2020.
This event will open your curiosity to know your starry origins, attune you to your galactic DNA and original blueprint, place a glowing ember of new inspiration in your mind and awaken your heart to deeper love and connection to the earth, sky and stars.


Transcending the Matrix:
Local Workshops

Local Workshop hosting is available at