Light Anchoring

For nearly 10 years, Brian has been teaching workshops on creating columns of Light.  These workshops have grown and changed as Earth, humanity, and Brian have.  The latest version of Light Anchoring is used to clear cemeteries of dis-incarnate beings, transform communication towers into beneficial energy broadcasters, and raise the frequency and vibration of water ways and water towers.

There are several video tutorials on creating Columns of Light. 

The progression over time is shown in the videos below.  Nothing is as powerful as actually being in one of the workshops, with a group of other people who are connected and holding high space, while doing these exercises at the same time.  If you wish to cut straight to the latest tutorial, please watch the Light Anchoring 3.0 video toward the bottom of this web page.  Enjoy!!  And thank you for Anchoring Light!!  Each column raises the light quotia of the planet, and assists all within it’s column.  I feel we can shift the planet through creating Columns of Light.

The first video began with the Global Love and Gratitude Grid in 2012.

Next, we discovered the “ancient etheric tool” known as the Golden Light Rod.
Video from 2016.

Light Anchoring and the New Earth came through in 2017

Reclamation Earth is the website from 2019, which has a 6 part tutorial in the series.

Please check out for that series videos.

The Golden Fire and Light Wand is a product video, which also covers Light Anchoring, as this is a major aspect of what the brass wands we make are used for.

Light Anchoring 3.0 is our most current video tutorial on the subject

The Global Love and Gratitude Grid is our website that is dedicated to Light Anchoring,
which can be found at