Golden Fire Master’s Set

The Master’s Set

The 29” and 22” Golden Fire Rings are paired together as the Golden Fire Master’s Set.

These Rings create a column of Light which encompasses the bodies, to be used both actively and passively. Rings can be placed under a person’s chair or healing table. Within this Light field all transformational work simply takes quicker and easier. The Tensor fields are beneficial and synergize with all modalities and energy work.

Standing in the smaller Ring, and passing the large Ring around and down over the body, is an active way to utilize these Rings.

Utilize in this fashion, with soft intent, to

  • Align, Balance, Connect, Clear, and Activate- automatically
  • Open clear balance and align chakras and energy bodies.
  • Fully open your connection from your Heart to the bigger YOU… to your entire Soul Spark.
  • Easily assist in releasing Programs, Beliefs and Emotions that no longer serve.
  • Bring through all available Activations and Attunements.
  • Use as a scanning tool, to access the entire spectrum of one’s Being.

To get the best out of this set of Rings, be within their column of Light as often and as much as you can. The Tensor Fields will always be healthful and beneficial for the person. You cannot get too much of their energy.

Both Rings are made of an ultra-heavy 4 gauge.

Golden Fire Pendant

Golden Fire Pendant

Golden Fire Pendant includes:

Adjustable Lanyard, Heavy Duty 1″ Golden Fire Ring, and a Golden Fire Infinity.

Powerful combination~

This is a potent pendant.  Even when I wear all the Golden Fire tools around my neck, I still can feel it when I take this one off.  As with all the Golden Fire tools, they are a very tangible energy, on the physical.

The Golden Fire Pendant is more potent with the Ring and Infinity together, though not necessary.  They can be separated, as the lanyard is all that holds them together, and may be used as separate pendant pieces.

Save $4 by purchasing as a pendant!

The 1″ Golden Fire Ring is a heavier ring than the 1″ Harmony or 1″ Standard Fire Ring, which makes the manufacturing of this little powerhouse a little more costly, but is well worth the effort, and the price!!  You save by purchasing the Golden Fire Pendant rather than buying the Ring, Infinity, and Lanyard individually.


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Golden Fire Rings

The One Tensor Ring That Contains Them All…

Over the years, we have created many different styles of Tensor Rings,
with each Cubit measurement containing very specific energetic qualities. 

The Golden Fire Rings contain all the highest aspects of all the tools
we have ever created here at Twistedsage Studios. 

The Golden Fire Tools are some of the most profound energy tools on the planet,
and once you own a Golden Fire Ring, they will automatically receive
all of our energetic upgrades as we add them to the tools!!

About the Golden Fire Rings:

Cubit Measure based on new geometries coming onto the planet
Discovered and anchored in by Brenda Schnose

Activates the Sacred Heart
This is the golden flaming heart with the tri-fold flames that Jesus and Mary walk with, and is different from the Sacred Space of the Heart that we have traditionally worked with

Activates the Quantum Mind
Opens the right hemisphere of the brain, balances the hemispheres, activating the Pineal and connecting to the Quantum Mind

For the Sacred Heart and Quantum Mind activations to take place, one is first taken to the Quantum Void of infinite possibilities for cleaning, clearing, and healing.

The Quantum Void is the space of the Three by Three. If you are unfamiliar with that process, there is an audio at the bottom of the page for an explanation and meditation, though is not needed to get the benefits from the Golden Fire tools.

In the process, your entire Soul Spark, from Source and back to Source, is anchored within the human.

Your Light, now anchored in the heart, dissolves away the basement floor of the heart and automatically clears the cords and contracts that held us anchored into the old world.

Creation of the Golden Fire Ring-

The measure was shown as a neon-blue light-rod, and bent into a circle where it became golden-light. The first Rings that were made with this measure were causing tremendous releasing in people, and had to come with a disclaimer. The Rings caused a reaction in some, as the doors were opened and were triggered with more junk to release. It was nothing that couldn’t be worked out, people just had to know what was going on and how to do the clearing work for release.

A couple weeks later, on August 31st of 2017, Brenda and I held space using the Three by Three, and the subsequent activations and clearings we do with that process, to anchor into the Etheric Template of the Golden Fire Rings. This allowed the automatic clearing and release to be done for the person with the Golden Fire tools. Brenda then brought through the Activations and Attunements for the Sacred Heart and Quantum Mind into the Etheric Templates of the Golden Fire Rings!!!

With the Sacred Heart Activation, many report a burning in the chest as things are burned away, then Cool Clear Waters come flowing through.

Some will note a pulsing on the head afterward, a Crown of Fire. This is a very sacred initiation, but open for all who would receive it.

This entire process could happen immediately, or over time.

When you wear the Golden Fire tools, the energy field they produce acts as a reminder.
The tools remind you of the Activation.
Reminds the inner Being that you have the Sacred Heart, so you can continue to use it.

So many Activations you may receive, but do you use them?

This is an important tool to use, your Sacred Heart…

Please visit the Testimonials on the Golden Fire Rings product page,
as many of the profound testimonials are from people
who only sat with a picture of a Golden Fire Ring!!!


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