EMF Protection

Studies show the Twistedsage EMF Cell Phone Protector mitigates the harmful effects of cell phone radiations, AND shifts most people tested into a better state of being than before using the Tensor Ring Cell Phone Tab.

Instead of blocking harmful EMFs, Tensor Rings restructure electromagnetic fields into something more beneficial for the body and the environment.  This concept takes us beyond the need for protection, as we realize how simple it is to shift non-beneficial energies.

Everything in the physical universe is electromagnetic, from molecules to planets, all with electromagnetic fields in a natural flow. Your heart also creates a beautiful flowing electromagnetic field around the body that is 6 feet across.  Man-made electrical devices create discordant, or disharmonious, electromagnetic fields, which can cause chaos with the bio-electric field of the body.  A healthy and resilient bio-electric field, though, remains relatively unaffected by discordant fields and flows. Others find themselves in a constant state of disarray due to the symptoms of ES or EHS*.  EMF protection with Tensor Technology is simple, given the fact that electromagnetics are innately harmonious and life affirming. Energy is very malleable, and that which is not beneficial, can be harmonized into something that is.  You are welcomed to go deeper into the science behind Tensor Ring technology here.  Simply put, Tensor Fields are powerful subtle energy fields which brings other subtle energies into balance and harmony.

* Electromagnetic sensitivity (ES), also known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), electromagnetic intolerance (EMI), and in cases of wireless exposure by an older name, “microwave sickness”, is any sickness, acute or chronic, that is caused by electromagnetic fields (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

We suggest any of the Pendants for your personal energy field, a Cell Tab for the phone, Wifi Ring for the Router, a Smart Meter Disc if you spend much time near your electrical panel, and finally a tool for your environment…  Traditionally the Golden Fire Generators have been the most effective for your environment, but so is the Divine I Am Generator, the Ascension Pyramids, Alchemist Halo, the Activator, Wings of Tok, and every Torus we create.  There is something for the environment as well as your personal in every price range and taste, starting with the EMF Protection Products Page, or look for pendants on the Pendants Page!

“Electromagnetic fields produced by cell phones are classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as possibly carcinogenic on humans,” according to the WHO Media Centre.

Disclaimer: Tensor technology, and the information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Tensor fields are subtle energy fields which exist beyond electromagnetics, sound, light, and frequency.  Tensor Rings hold a powerful and harmonious space, which brings electromagnetic and other subtle energy fields back into their natural state of harmony.

Below are two of the biofeedback studies done specifically with the Twistedsage Cell Phone Tabs

2014 Cell Phone Tab Bio Feedback Study: Transmutes harmful EMF’s while providing emotional clarity!

Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) technology is used worldwide in hospitals, clinics, research centers, medical practices, and with professional sports teams. This cutting-edge GDV digital Electro-photonic Imaging camera is used to capture and evaluate data related to specific organ systems and body parts.

“An analysis of this Tensor tool was performed by GDV Source LLC in 2014. The data generated relates physical, emotional, and chakra energy response to the use of an active cellular phone (iPhone 5S) with and without the original Cell Phone Tab. It is worth noting that this study was done on very short term exposure to both iPhone and only a 5 minute exposure to the Vortex Cell Phone Tab.
Tensor technology is indeed a “conscious” technology. The one consistent answer is the device changes aspects of the user’s energy in all of the test subjects for the better. In all of the test subjects the iPhone had negative effect on at least one aspect of the user’s energy level after minimal exposure. It could be concluded after looking at the data that no two test subjects experienced the same changes after the cell tab was applied; however their most significant areas of imbalance were affected the most. Five of the six test subjects gained improved brain balance, which is the degree of functioning between left (conscious) and right (unconscious) brain function. Stress levels were improved 65% in test subjects, emotional energy was increased by 50%, where as physical energy was increased by 16%. Chakra alignment seemed to gravitate towards improved alignment with community overall. Three subjects experienced chakra alignment with the device.”

NEW Cell Phone Tab Study!!  Released May 13, 2022 by Psy-Tek Labs, Los Angeles California.

“When exposed to cell phone radiations with the Twistedsage EMF Cell Phone Protector on the cell phone, subjects experienced significant improvement in psycho-spiritual bioenergy not only compared to when expose to cell phone radiation without the Twistedsage EMF Cell Phone Protector but even compared to the bioenergy they had at the beginning of the experiment.

Exposure to cell phone radiations decreased the Symmetry (left-right symmetry of the bioenergy of the body) significantly. This is evidence that cell phone radiation has harmful effects on people bioenergy. Furthermore, the addition of the Twistedsage EMF Cell Phone Protector not only restored Symmetry but it improved it even beyond the Symmetry value when subjects came in and that was statistically significant.

Subjects who show most improvement in their diagrams are those with most stress when they arrived in the lab. The subjects who had most imbalance in their chakras when exposed to cell phone radiation without the Twistedsage EMF Cell Phone Protector improved the most when the Twistedsage EMF Cell Phone Protector was added. These findings suggest that the Twistedsage EMF Cell Phone Protector has beneficial effects in protecting people against the harmful effects of cell phone radiations.

Click to download full report: https://twistedsagestudios.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/REPORT-Effect-of-Twistedsage-Cell-Phone-Technology-5-13-22.pdf  REPORT - Effect of Twistedsage Cell Phone Technology-5-13-22